Baby, You’re Worth It!

In the female realm, I’ve noticed this idea of comparison among us. We look around and notice these women who are so much _____ than we are.

She’s so much prettier than I am. She’s so much smarter than I am. She’s so much kinder than I am.

Braver. Stronger. Faster. Motherly. Spiritual. Professional. Taller. Shorter. Skinnier. Thicker. The list goes on.

And we sit in the mirror, or at least I do, thinking What’s wrong with me? Why can’t be more like her?

I’ll make it personal. I am not the sweetest berry in the bunch. I have the tendency to be brutally honest ALL the time. And I try my hardest. But when someone asks my opinion, I get a bit nervous. I can’t lie! And I don’t know how to tell the truth in love.

And then I look at these other women who are happy ALL the time. Who smile every time you see them, whilst I have a continual, unintentional scowl on my face.

I’m not like those women. I will NEVER be like those women. Here’s something I realized the other day, while I was admiring one of my peers: I wasn’t created to be like those women. I was created to be like me!

We can so easily forget how truly awesome we are! No, really! When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said I’m awesome?

If you and I were like those women we desired to be, we would all be the same. That’s no fun! We’d all walk around wearing the same clothes, with the same accessories, and same personalities. To me, that sounds SUPER boring.

Ladies, how about we just embrace who we are? How about we just like the way our faces are structured to a perpetual scowl? Or enjoy the fact that we have a little bit more junk in the trunk than others? (I have no junk in my trunk so props to you who do! OWN IT!)

Because, honestly, you will NEVER look like her. And you shouldn’t want to. You’re beautiful the way you are. Society can kick rocks with its unrealistic expectations of us. 💪


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