Gold & Sparkles

I want to share my heart with you. Not in the romantic sense (I’ve got that area covered, thanks), but I want to share my passions and deepest desires with you guys.

Blogging — DUH!

I am all too grateful to live in a country where I am free to share my opinion. I am also grateful for the internet and this beautiful platform we call blogging (thank you, WordPress). I’ve journaled for years. And I’m not sure when the moment was when I thought to myself hey, I should share this with the internet. But it happened back in March of 2013. Some friends and I started Redefined Ministries and wrote blogs (The picture in my “About Me” is from a Redefined photoshoot, teehee). After the blogging ended, I still felt like I had so much more to give and so much more to say. Hence, what you are reading right now.

I will ALWAYS have a passion for worship!

I haven’t led a set in months now and I miss it SO badly. There is nothing in this world quite like hearing a congregation sing and worship at the top of their lungs. There is nothing quite like the look on a face of one who has heard, seen, or felt God for the first time. I’ve also felt like worship leaders are channels. When you plug in the TV, and connect all the doohickeys, you will result in the ability to watch your favorite reality tv show that no one knows you watch. We all have one. No need to be ashamed. I feel like leading worship is the same way. We connect to the Father, He responds, and as a result, the congregation gets to tune into God. Again, I haven’t led a worship set in a long time. However, I do spend time with God and my guitar as much as I possibly can.

I LOVE teenagers!

In a non-pedophile way, of course! Youth are my energy source. I enjoy hearing their views on life and remembering what it’s like to be their age (that wasn’t THAT long ago, but still…). I love seeing radical youth who just love Jesus. Not sure how to put this one into words. Teenagers are just my heart, especially young girls. Which leads me to my next passion…


Now, I’m not being sexist against men. Men are great! But women are my heart. Brave, strong, courageous women are what this world needs. It’s actually quite funny because I was not the one to get along with girls. I HATED to be around too many girls at one time. I thought that girls were emotional, dramatic, and all-around the most (and some are). But recently, God has cultivated my heart to see beautiful, strong, brave women change this world. It’s funny how God can take your least desired thing and turn it into your most desired one.

Re-Introducing Walking Daydream!

Your confused. Probably. No worries. I will explain. Walking Daydream will now become more than a blog. I have partnered with Launch Ministries in helping with Project Manna Girls’ Home (Click here for a link to their site). Project Manna endeavors to help girls in foster care grow and become women of God. Now, you know I’m all about female empowerment. I’m all for what they do for these girls. Here’s how I’m helping.

Soon and very soon, there will be different products for sale. A portion of the proceeds will go straight to Project Manna Girls’ Home. YAY NON-PROFITS! This post was titled “Gold & Sparkles” because, well I like gold and sparkly things. Most, if not all of the products will be gold and sparkly. Super girly, right?

This has become a new passion of mine and I’m so thrilled about it and I pray you will be, too. Please pray for me as I do my best, partnered with the Holy Spirit, in figuring out how to help these girls the best way I know how. I would greatly appreciate ideas, thoughts, and all the good vibes in the comments below! And be on the look out in the next few days for the first product to be revealed.

xoxo, Ticia



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