Palm Trees & Choosing Joy


I took a 10-day vacation to Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL to visit with my family and I wanted to share some of my travel photos and thoughts with you guys. This is my first ever travel blog so please bear with me!

Flight from Tulsa to Dallas/Fort Worth

It started with my travel from Tulsa to DFW, which I must say is quite possibly my favorite airport. I had a 45 minute layover, which, in reality, is only a 15 minute layover because you board 30 minutes before departing. Anyway, I found myself riding the train/trolley from one side of DFW to the other. Possibly one of the most stressful moments I’ve ever had traveling. But, I made it. No flights missed for this girl!👊🏾

I landed in Atlanta and was soon greeted by my oldest sister and her three boys. I missed them more than I thought I did.

My middle nephew “eating” cereal.

Every morning, I would have breakfast with my 2-year old middle nephew. He is quite possibly the sweetest little boy who has ever walked this earth! And eating cereal with a spoon was, obviously, too much work for him.

My oldest sister’s back porch.

I spent a lot of time discovering myself. I spent a lot of time learning more about who am I in Christ. One very important thing I learned is that joy is not a feeling. Joy is a lifestyle (shout-out to WorshipU for this realization). My anxiety and I had become one. I didn’t like waking up every morning being anxious. I didn’t like having to feel like I had to put up a front to prove something to everyone around me, or prove to myself that I’m normal. The reality is, I don’t want to wake up every morning feeling anxious. And I don’t want my anxiety and me to become one. So I decided, right there on my sister’s back porch, that enough was enough. I told God that I was done. I told Him that I had enough of this anxiety and I wanted to choose joy. I can testify and say, that from that moment on, I have not felt the least bit anxious! (Commence praise break)!

My 1-month old nephew’s itsy bitsy tiny foot.

After 5 days with my sister and nephews, I didn’t want to leave, especially leaving my 1-month old nephew. The next time I’ll see them is in December! He’ll be 6 months by then!!!

Next stop: Jacksonville, FL!

I wasn’t born in Jacksonville, but I was raised there. So to me, Jacksonville is my home-town. Plus, my parents, little brother, and other sister still live there.

Playing Smash Bros with my little bro is one of my favorite memories.

After my decision to choose joy, I spent a ton of time relaxing. I spent most of my time playing video games with my 12-year old brother, sleeping in until noon, and eating everything in my parent’s refrigerator.

My little brother and I almost 12 years ago.
My messy hair days, and admiring my handsome little brother.

Lots of laughs were shared. Lots of jokes told. And lots of fun had.

This was quite possibly the best vacation I’ve had. Of course, everything was not perfect. But it was well needed.


That’s a wrap, folks! Hope you enjoyed my first ever travel blog and I will see you all next week! And remember, Jesus loves you!

xoxo, Ticia



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