Pardon the Interruption.

I know I’m supposed to be doing the “Overcomer” series. I am working on that and will get back to that shortly after I share some thoughts.

I’ve been feeling very pressured when it comes to blogging. I started this blog because I love it. It’s so much fun for me! But having to post every [insert weekday] day has caused me to resent blogging. I would get anxious thinking about having to post every Tuesday with all the other things I had to do. That’s why I stopped. I started to see it as an obligation and not a privilege. I am so honored that I live in a world where my opinion can be heard, even if it is by only 20 people.

With that being said, there will no longer be a set schedule. I will post when I feel led to post. That may mean there will be more than one post in a week. This may mean that I won’t post for a few weeks.

I want to present good quality work. And the quality of my work starts to dwindle when it becomes an obligation. I hope you understand (all 20 of you 😉).

xoxo, Ticia


2 thoughts on “Pardon the Interruption.

  1. We’ll be here !! (“all 20 of us” baha) 🙂 Do you girl. If this is not your top “quality” of work then I’m excited for future posts! Toodaloo ! 😛


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