Christmas Break ’15: Week 1

I’m back home! Well, home is a relative term but, I’m back in Jacksonville.


I actually got in on 9th of December, but I wanted to have a full week to share with you guys.

Most of my time has been spent relaxing with family and playing video games with my little brother as usual.


We decorated the house for Christmas the weekend I arrived. Honestly, decorating for Christmas with my family will always be one of my favorite pastimes.


In my mission to learn to relax, I’ve been watching Vlogmas’ on YouTube. I’d much rather be watching vlogs on YouTube than a reality TV show. My favorite at the moment (or in every moment) is Zoella. It’s hard to explain why these are so entertaining to me. You’ll have to check her out for yourself and I highly recommend that you do.DSC05523



This past semester has been the hardest semester of my entire college career. However, I feel as though I’ve grown so much because of it.

This semester has taught me patience. Not everything will happen in an instant. There is no microwaveable life. Life is much more like a crock pot. It takes time and lots of it. But the ingredients that may sound disgusting separately turn into a beautifully smelling, delicious masterpiece.

This semester has taught me perseverance. I could have given up plenty of times. And I almost did. But I decided that giving up is not an option. However, giving up does not equal failure. But that’s another blog for another day.

This semester has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. God loves us in the struggle. He loves us when we ugly cry. And He is extremely proud of us, even when we are not most proud of ourselves.

Well, guys, that’s it for this week. I’ll catch y’all next week with a very Christmasy blog post.

Have a happy holiday! Xoxo, Ticia!


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