Never Forget

So, I’ve decided midway through this 25 days of Christmas that posting every day is pretty prestigious. I have a full time job at a restaurant so posting every day is a bit much. Therefore, I will be taking the weekends off posting to rest and regroup.

Anyway, I have just been thinking about some of the things that God has promised me. As a typical human, I tend to forget how good He is and how He always keeps His word.

Lately, I have simply forgotten. I’ve been so focused on my present life (which isn’t a bad thing) that I have forgotten to be inspired.

So, here is a VERY brief reminder to NEVER FORGET YOUR WHY (I promise I will get back to normal posts soon).

Never forget why you fell in love with Him.

Never forget when you were called and why you were called.

Never forget why He died for you.

Never forget how much He loves you.

Never forget all that He has promised to you.

Never forget your why.

Never stop dreaming.


xoxo, Ticia


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